File Arizona Unemployment Claim

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How to file an unemployment claim in Arizona

Arizona’s Department of Economic Security provides unemployment insurance to any Arizona citizen who has lost their job through a layoff or other event beyond their control. Any unemployed worker can file an unemployment application in order to receive AZ unemployment benefits.

Arizona Unemployment Benefits

Filing for Unemployment in Arizona

This video by the Arizona Unemployment Department describes the process of applying for unemployment benefits.

AZ Unemployment Phone Numbers

You can file for unemployment over the phone by contacting the AZ Unemployment Insurance Call Center at the following numbers:

  • Toll Free: 1-877-600-2722
  • Phoenix: 602-364-2722
  • Tucson: 520-791-2722
  • TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf): 1-877-877-6226 Toll-Free

Arizona Unemployment Application

In addition to the phone numbers listed above, Arizona provides an online unemployment application as well as an unemployment benefits calculator tool.

Online Unemployment Application:

Arizona Unemployment Calculator:

Arizona Unemployment Weekly Claim

If you are already receiving unemployment benefits, you can file your unemployment weekly claim by contacting your local AZ unemployment office at the following numbers:

  • Toll Free: 1-877-766-8477
  • Phoenix: 602-417-3800
  • Tucson: 520-884-8477
  • TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf): 1-877-877-6226 Toll-Free

When filing your weekly claim, you will be asked the following questions before you can receive your payment:

  1. “Were you able to work and available for work each regular workday?”
  2. “Did you look for work?”
  3. “Did you refuse any job offer or referral to work?”
  4. “Did you work or earn any money?”
    1. “What were your gross earnings before deductions?”
    2. “Are you still working?”
    3. “Was your separation due to lack of work or a reduction in force?”
  5. “Have you returned to full-time work which will not require you to file any further weekly claims at this time?”

Arizona Unemployment Office

You can contact the Arizona Unemployment Office by mail at the following address:

Department of Economic Security
Unemployment Insurance Administration
P. O. Box 29225
Phoenix, Arizona 85038-9225

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