Wayne County, MI Unemployment Rate statistics Wayne County, MI Unemployment Rate 2015

Wayne County, MI: Unemployment NumbersUnemployment RatesEmployment NumbersLabor ForceFile Unemployment
Month / YearUnemployment Rate
November, 201013% Most recent unemployment rate
October, 201014.4%
September, 201014.4%
August, 201015.7%
July, 201016.5%
June, 201015.4%
May, 201014.6%
April, 201015.7%
March, 201016.4%
February, 201016.1%
January, 201016.4%

What is the unemployment rate in Wayne County, MI?

The current Wayne County, MI unemployment rate is 13%, with the latest unemployment data collected by the Department of Labor Statistics in November 2010. Wayne County, MI's unemployment rate has dropped over the last 12 monthes. The average unemployment rate over the last year has been 15.63%.

The Wayne County, MI unemployment rate reflects the percentage of people living in who do not have jobs and have been actively searching for employment for at least four weeks. Unemployment data is collected through a monthly survey of employers and unemployment insurance claims. The unemployment rate is not, however, the percentage of Wayne County, MI residents who are receiving unemployment compensation.

Unemployment Compensation in Wayne County, MI

Unemployed workers in Wayne County, MI can apply for unemployment insurance benefits under the Michigan state unemployment program at any Wayne County, MI Unemployment Office. To learn more, read about unemployment benefits in Wayne County, MI.

Historical unemployment rate in Wayne County, MI

The Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains an archive of historical monthly and yearly unemployment rate numbers for Wayne County, MI dating back to 1990. Statewide unemployment rate numbers for Michigan are available for every year since 1976.

Wayne County, MIUnemployment Rate
Month / YearUnemployment Rate
November, 201013%
October, 201014.4%
September, 201014.4%
August, 201015.7%
July, 201016.5%
June, 201015.4%
May, 201014.6%
April, 201015.7%
March, 201016.4%
February, 201016.1%
January, 201016.4%
Annual Average, 200916.2%
December, 200915.8%
November, 200916%
October, 200916.8%
September, 200916.9%
August, 200917.2%
July, 200918%
June, 200917.7%
May, 200916%
April, 200914.7%
March, 200915.2%
February, 200914.8%
January, 200914.7%
Annual Average, 200810%
December, 200812.2%
November, 200811.2%
October, 200810.9%
September, 200810.4%
August, 200810.6%
July, 200810.9%
June, 200810%
May, 20089.4%
April, 20087.9%
March, 20088.8%
February, 20088.4%
January, 20089%
Annual Average, 20078.7%
December, 20078.6%
November, 20078.4%
October, 20079%
September, 20078.8%
August, 20079.1%
July, 200710.1%
June, 20079.1%
May, 20078%
April, 20077.7%
March, 20078.2%
February, 20078%
January, 20079.2%
Annual Average, 20068.4%
December, 20068%
November, 20068.1%
October, 20068.3%
September, 20068.5%
August, 20068.7%
July, 20069.9%
June, 20068.5%
May, 20067.4%
April, 20067.7%
March, 20068.4%
February, 20068.3%
January, 20068.7%
Annual Average, 20058.7%
December, 20057.9%
November, 20058.3%
October, 20057.9%
September, 20058.3%
August, 20058.5%
July, 20059.6%
June, 20058.9%
May, 20058.3%
April, 20058.3%
March, 20059.3%
February, 20059.1%
January, 20059.3%
Annual Average, 20048.6%
December, 20048.6%
November, 20048.9%
October, 20048.8%
September, 20048.7%
August, 20048.8%
July, 20049.7%
June, 20049.3%
May, 20048%
April, 20047.3%
March, 20048.7%
February, 20048%
January, 20048.6%
Annual Average, 20038.6%
December, 20037.5%
November, 20037.8%
October, 20038.3%
September, 20038.5%
August, 20038.8%
July, 20039.6%
June, 20039.5%
May, 20038.3%
April, 20038.2%
March, 20038.9%
February, 20038.6%
January, 20038.8%
Annual Average, 20027.3%
December, 20027.2%
November, 20027.1%
October, 20026.9%
September, 20026.8%
August, 20027.2%
July, 20028.3%
June, 20027.7%
May, 20026.8%
April, 20026.7%
March, 20027.5%
February, 20027.1%
January, 20028%
Annual Average, 20016.1%
December, 20016.6%
November, 20016.6%
October, 20016.5%
September, 20016%
August, 20016.2%
July, 20016.4%
June, 20016.1%
May, 20015.5%
April, 20015.1%
March, 20015.9%
February, 20015.7%
January, 20016.3%
Annual Average, 20004.3%
December, 20004.2%
November, 20004.1%
October, 20004%
September, 20004.3%
August, 20004.7%
July, 20005.5%
June, 20004.6%
May, 20004%
April, 20003.5%
March, 20004.4%
February, 20004.1%
January, 20004.5%
Annual Average, 19994.8%
December, 19993.9%
November, 19994.1%
October, 19994.5%
September, 19994.5%
August, 19994.2%
July, 19995.5%
June, 19995.2%
May, 19994.6%
April, 19994.5%
March, 19995.1%
February, 19995.7%
January, 19995.9%
Annual Average, 19985%
December, 19984.7%
November, 19984.7%
October, 19985.2%
September, 19985.4%
August, 19984.8%
July, 19986.3%
June, 19985.1%
May, 19984.3%
April, 19983.8%
March, 19985.1%
February, 19985%
January, 19985.7%
Annual Average, 19975.4%
December, 19974.4%
November, 19974.5%
October, 19974.9%
September, 19975.3%
August, 19975%
July, 19976%
June, 19975.6%
May, 19974.9%
April, 19975.1%
March, 19975.9%
February, 19976%
January, 19977%
Annual Average, 19966%
December, 19965.8%
November, 19965.8%
October, 19965.9%
September, 19966%
August, 19965.8%
July, 19967.2%
June, 19966.4%
May, 19966%
April, 19965.3%
March, 19965.7%
February, 19965.7%
January, 19966.9%
Annual Average, 19956.1%
December, 19955.2%
November, 19955.5%
October, 19955.8%
September, 19956.3%
August, 19956.4%
July, 19957.1%
June, 19956.5%
May, 19955.8%
April, 19955.8%
March, 19956.2%
February, 19955.8%
January, 19956.5%
Annual Average, 19946.8%
December, 19944.7%
November, 19945.1%
October, 19946.1%
September, 19946.3%
August, 19946.7%
July, 19947.7%
June, 19946.9%
May, 19946.6%
April, 19946.6%
March, 19947.7%
February, 19948%
January, 19948.8%
Annual Average, 19938.3%
December, 19937.3%
November, 19937.6%
October, 19938.1%
September, 19938.1%
August, 19937.8%
July, 19939.2%
June, 19938.8%
May, 19938.1%
April, 19937.5%
March, 19938.4%
February, 19938.9%
January, 19939.9%
Annual Average, 199210.8%
December, 19928.9%
November, 19929.8%
October, 199210.6%
September, 199211.1%
August, 199211.3%
July, 199212.8%
June, 199210.9%
May, 199210.3%
April, 19929.6%
March, 199211%
February, 199211.6%
January, 199211.7%
Annual Average, 199111.2%
December, 199110.3%
November, 199110.9%
October, 199111.1%
September, 199110.4%
August, 199110.5%
July, 199111.6%
June, 199111.4%
May, 199110.9%
April, 199111.3%
March, 199112.1%
February, 199111.9%
January, 199111.5%
Annual Average, 19909.4%
December, 199010.2%
November, 199010.2%
October, 19909.8%
September, 19909%
August, 19909.7%
July, 199010.2%
June, 19908.8%
May, 19908.4%
April, 19908.1%
March, 19909%
February, 19909.4%
January, 199010.2%

Wayne County, MI Unemployment Rate Graph

This graph plots unemployment rate numbers for Wayne County, MI over the last 25 years, not adjusted for seasonal shifts in unemployment rate. For other other unemployment rate data visualizations, view more unemployment rate graphs for Wayne County, MI.

Detailed Unemployment Rate infomation is available for other counties:

Historical unemployment rate data is available back to 1990 for other counties and equivalents in Michigan. Choose a location from the table below for detailed local unemployment rate statistics.

Adrian, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaAlcona County, MIAlger County, MIAllegan County, MI
Allegan, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaAllen Park City, MIAlma, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaAlpena County, MI
Alpena, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaAnn Arbor City, MIAnn Arbor, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaAntrim County, MI
Arenac County, MIBalance Of Michigan, State Less Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSABaraga County, MIBarry County, MI
Battle Creek City, MIBattle Creek, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaBay City City, MIBay City, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
Bay County, MIBedford Township (Monroe County), MIBenzie County, MIBerrien County, MI
Big Rapids, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaBlackman Charter Township, MIBloomfield Charter Township (Oakland County), MIBranch County, MI
Brownstown Charter Township, MIBurton City, MICadillac, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaCalhoun County, MI
Canton Charter Township, MICass County, MICharlevoix County, MICheboygan County, MI
Chesterfield Township, MIChippewa County, MIClare County, MIClinton Charter Township (Macomb County), MI
Clinton County, MIColdwater, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaCommerce Charter Township, MICrawford County, MI
Dearborn City, MIDearborn Heights City, MIDelhi Charter Township, MIDelta Charter Township, MI
Delta County, MIDetroit City, MIDetroit-Livonia-Dearborn, MI Metropolitan DivisionDetroit-Warren-Flint, MI Combined Statistical Area
Detroit-Warren-Livonia, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaDickinson County, MIEast Lansing City, Clinton County Part, MIEast Lansing City, Ingham County Part, MI
East Lansing City, MIEastpointe City, MIEaton County, MIEmmet County, MI
Escanaba, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaFarmington Hills City, MIFerndale City, MIFlint Charter Township, MI
Flint City, MIFlint, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaGarden City City, MIGenesee County, MI
Georgetown Charter Township, MIGladwin County, MIGogebic County, MIGogebic-Iron, MI-WI LMA
Grand Blanc Charter Township, MIGrand Rapids City, MIGrand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland, MI Combined Statistical AreaGrand Rapids-Wyoming, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
Grand Traverse County, MIGratiot County, MIHarrison Charter Township, MIHighland Park City, MI
Hillsdale County, MIHolland Charter Township (Ottawa County), MIHolland City, Allegan County Part, MIHolland City, MI
Holland City, Ottawa County Part, MIHolland-Grand Haven, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaHoughton County, MIHoughton, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
Huron County, MIIndependence Charter Township, MIIngham County, MIInkster City, MI
Ionia County, MIIosco County, MIIosco-Alcona, MI LMAIron County, MI
Iron Mountain, MI-WI Micropolitan Statistical AreaIsabella County, MIJackson City, MIJackson County, MI
Jackson, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaKalamazoo City, MIKalamazoo County, MIKalamazoo-Portage, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
Kalkaska County, MIKent County, MIKentwood City, MIKeweenaw County, MI
Lake County, MILansing City, Eaton County Part, MILansing City, Ingham County Part, MILansing City, MI
Lansing-East Lansing, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaLansing-East Lansing-Owosso, MI Combined Statistical AreaLapeer County, MILeelanau County, MI
Lenawee County, MILincoln Park City, MILivingston County, MILivonia City, MI
Luce County, MIMackinac County, MIMacomb County, MIMacomb Township, MI
Madison Heights City, MIManistee County, MIMarquette County, MIMarquette, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
Mason County, MIMecosta County, MIMenominee County, MIMeridian Charter Township, MI
Midland City, Bay County Part, MIMidland City, MIMidland City, Midland County Part, MIMidland County, MI
Midland, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaMissaukee County, MIMonroe County, MIMonroe, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
Montcalm County, MIMontmorency County, MIMount Morris Township, MIMount Pleasant City, MI
Mount Pleasant, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaMuskegon City, MIMuskegon County, MIMuskegon-Norton Shores, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
Newaygo County, MINiles-Benton Harbor, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaNorthville Township, MINovi City, MI
Oak Park City, MIOakland County, MIOceana County, MIOgemaw County, MI
Ontonagon County, MIOrion Charter Township, MIOsceola County, MIOscoda County, MI
Otsego County, MIOttawa County, MIOwosso, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaPittsfield Charter Township, MI
Plainfield Charter Township (Kent County), MIPlymouth Charter Township, MIPontiac City, MIPort Huron City, MI
Portage City, MIPresque Isle County, MIRedford Charter Township, MIRochester Hills City, MI
Romulus City, MIRoscommon County, MIRoseville City, MIRoyal Oak City, MI
Saginaw Charter Township, MISaginaw City, MISaginaw County, MISaginaw-Bay City-Saginaw Township North, MI Combined Statistical Area
Saginaw-Saginaw Township North, MI Metropolitan Statistical AreaSanilac County, MISault Ste. Marie, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaSchoolcraft County, MI
Shelby Charter Township (Macomb County), MIShiawassee County, MISouthfield City, MISouthgate City, MI
St. Clair County, MISt. Clair Shores City, MISt. Joseph County, MISterling Heights City, MI
Sturgis, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaTaylor City, MITraverse City, MI Micropolitan Statistical AreaTroy City, MI
Tuscola County, MIVan Buren Charter Township, MIVan Buren County, MIWarren City, MI
Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, MI Metropolitan DivisionWashtenaw County, MIWaterford Charter Township, MIWayne County, MI
West Bloomfield Charter Township, MIWestland City, MIWexford County, MIWhite Lake Charter Township, MI
Wyandotte City, MIWyoming City, MIYpsilanti Charter Township, MI

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