Reading city, PA Unemployment statistics Reading City, PA Unemployment 2015

Reading City, PA: Unemployment NumbersUnemployment RatesEmployment NumbersLabor ForceFile Unemployment
Month / YearUnemployment
November, 20104,251 unemployed Most recent unemployment
October, 20104,363 unemployed
September, 20104,403 unemployed
August, 20104,560 unemployed
July, 20104,836 unemployed
June, 20104,996 unemployed
May, 20105,016 unemployed
April, 20104,683 unemployed
March, 20104,670 unemployed
February, 20104,823 unemployed
January, 20104,766 unemployed

What is the unemployment rate in Reading City, PA?

The current Reading city, PA unemployment is 4,251 unemployed, with the latest unemployment data collected by the Department of Labor Statistics in November 2010. Reading City, PA's unemployment has dropped over the last 12 monthes. The average unemployment over the last year has been 4,640.83 unemployed.

The Reading City, PA unemployment statistic is the total number of people in Reading City, PA who are currently unemployed (do not have a job, and have been actively searching for one for at least four weeks). This number does not, however, reflect the amount of people currently receiving unemployment insurance benefits through the unemployment assistance program. Reading City, PA's unemployment numbers are updated monthly by the Department of Labor Statistics.

Unemployment Compensation in Reading City, PA

Unemployed workers in Reading City, PA can apply for unemployment insurance benefits under the Pennsylvania state unemployment program at any Reading City, PA Unemployment Office. To learn more, read about unemployment benefits in Reading City, PA.

Historical unemployment in Reading city, PA

The Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains an archive of historical monthly and yearly unemployment numbers for Reading city, PA dating back to 1990. Statewide unemployment numbers for Pennsylvania are available for every year since 1976.

Reading city, PAUnemployment
Month / YearUnemployment
November, 20104,251 unemployed
October, 20104,363 unemployed
September, 20104,403 unemployed
August, 20104,560 unemployed
July, 20104,836 unemployed
June, 20104,996 unemployed
May, 20105,016 unemployed
April, 20104,683 unemployed
March, 20104,670 unemployed
February, 20104,823 unemployed
January, 20104,766 unemployed
Annual Average, 20094,319 unemployed
December, 20094,255 unemployed
November, 20094,164 unemployed
October, 20094,333 unemployed
September, 20094,305 unemployed
August, 20094,357 unemployed
July, 20094,416 unemployed
June, 20094,565 unemployed
May, 20094,403 unemployed
April, 20094,181 unemployed
March, 20094,275 unemployed
February, 20094,466 unemployed
January, 20094,103 unemployed
Annual Average, 20082,743 unemployed
December, 20083,286 unemployed
November, 20083,092 unemployed
October, 20082,897 unemployed
September, 20082,652 unemployed
August, 20082,720 unemployed
July, 20082,707 unemployed
June, 20082,763 unemployed
May, 20082,689 unemployed
April, 20082,376 unemployed
March, 20082,597 unemployed
February, 20082,538 unemployed
January, 20082,599 unemployed
Annual Average, 20072,144 unemployed
December, 20072,134 unemployed
November, 20071,981 unemployed
October, 20072,035 unemployed
September, 20072,029 unemployed
August, 20072,086 unemployed
July, 20072,179 unemployed
June, 20072,257 unemployed
May, 20072,178 unemployed
April, 20071,993 unemployed
March, 20072,222 unemployed
February, 20072,298 unemployed
January, 20072,335 unemployed
Annual Average, 20062,220 unemployed
December, 20061,842 unemployed
November, 20061,918 unemployed
October, 20061,918 unemployed
September, 20061,946 unemployed
August, 20062,105 unemployed
July, 20062,230 unemployed
June, 20062,320 unemployed
May, 20062,353 unemployed
April, 20062,342 unemployed
March, 20062,555 unemployed
February, 20062,570 unemployed
January, 20062,542 unemployed
Annual Average, 20052,564 unemployed
December, 20052,264 unemployed
November, 20052,395 unemployed
October, 20052,389 unemployed
September, 20052,422 unemployed
August, 20052,776 unemployed
July, 20052,462 unemployed
June, 20052,608 unemployed
May, 20052,502 unemployed
April, 20052,538 unemployed
March, 20052,753 unemployed
February, 20052,888 unemployed
January, 20052,770 unemployed
Annual Average, 20042,603 unemployed
December, 20042,304 unemployed
November, 20042,399 unemployed
October, 20042,336 unemployed
September, 20042,355 unemployed
August, 20042,638 unemployed
July, 20042,561 unemployed
June, 20042,770 unemployed
May, 20042,637 unemployed
April, 20042,583 unemployed
March, 20042,984 unemployed
February, 20042,778 unemployed
January, 20042,892 unemployed
Annual Average, 20032,924 unemployed
December, 20032,454 unemployed
November, 20032,655 unemployed
October, 20032,738 unemployed
September, 20032,627 unemployed
August, 20032,692 unemployed
July, 20032,897 unemployed
June, 20033,063 unemployed
May, 20032,917 unemployed
April, 20032,947 unemployed
March, 20033,270 unemployed
February, 20033,335 unemployed
January, 20033,492 unemployed
Annual Average, 20023,004 unemployed
December, 20023,174 unemployed
November, 20023,380 unemployed
October, 20023,129 unemployed
September, 20022,678 unemployed
August, 20022,686 unemployed
July, 20022,874 unemployed
June, 20023,002 unemployed
May, 20022,940 unemployed
April, 20022,916 unemployed
March, 20023,141 unemployed
February, 20023,100 unemployed
January, 20023,022 unemployed
Annual Average, 20012,474 unemployed
December, 20012,501 unemployed
November, 20012,665 unemployed
October, 20012,580 unemployed
September, 20012,260 unemployed
August, 20012,377 unemployed
July, 20012,529 unemployed
June, 20012,520 unemployed
May, 20012,474 unemployed
April, 20012,420 unemployed
March, 20012,647 unemployed
February, 20012,417 unemployed
January, 20012,294 unemployed
Annual Average, 20001,852 unemployed
December, 20001,878 unemployed
November, 20001,954 unemployed
October, 20001,780 unemployed
September, 20001,839 unemployed
August, 20001,767 unemployed
July, 20001,943 unemployed
June, 20001,944 unemployed
May, 20001,933 unemployed
April, 20001,619 unemployed
March, 20001,839 unemployed
February, 20001,942 unemployed
January, 20001,781 unemployed
Annual Average, 19992,081 unemployed
December, 19991,339 unemployed
November, 19991,538 unemployed
October, 19991,693 unemployed
September, 19991,905 unemployed
August, 19991,887 unemployed
July, 19992,286 unemployed
June, 19992,795 unemployed
May, 19992,472 unemployed
April, 19992,337 unemployed
March, 19992,364 unemployed
February, 19992,320 unemployed
January, 19992,038 unemployed
Annual Average, 19982,003 unemployed
December, 19981,610 unemployed
November, 19981,799 unemployed
October, 19981,898 unemployed
September, 19982,002 unemployed
August, 19982,005 unemployed
July, 19982,252 unemployed
June, 19982,187 unemployed
May, 19982,179 unemployed
April, 19981,778 unemployed
March, 19982,189 unemployed
February, 19982,105 unemployed
January, 19982,037 unemployed
Annual Average, 19972,344 unemployed
December, 19971,787 unemployed
November, 19971,974 unemployed
October, 19972,169 unemployed
September, 19972,367 unemployed
August, 19972,248 unemployed
July, 19972,653 unemployed
June, 19972,788 unemployed
May, 19972,714 unemployed
April, 19972,295 unemployed
March, 19972,597 unemployed
February, 19972,311 unemployed
January, 19972,219 unemployed
Annual Average, 19962,360 unemployed
December, 19961,740 unemployed
November, 19961,929 unemployed
October, 19962,042 unemployed
September, 19962,061 unemployed
August, 19962,013 unemployed
July, 19962,553 unemployed
June, 19962,444 unemployed
May, 19962,633 unemployed
April, 19962,633 unemployed
March, 19962,780 unemployed
February, 19962,506 unemployed
January, 19962,989 unemployed
Annual Average, 19952,497 unemployed
December, 19951,875 unemployed
November, 19952,092 unemployed
October, 19952,138 unemployed
September, 19952,358 unemployed
August, 19952,430 unemployed
July, 19952,755 unemployed
June, 19952,915 unemployed
May, 19952,961 unemployed
April, 19952,811 unemployed
March, 19952,608 unemployed
February, 19952,531 unemployed
January, 19952,489 unemployed
Annual Average, 19942,788 unemployed
December, 19941,929 unemployed
November, 19942,373 unemployed
October, 19942,400 unemployed
September, 19942,430 unemployed
August, 19942,540 unemployed
July, 19942,763 unemployed
June, 19943,071 unemployed
May, 19943,186 unemployed
April, 19943,248 unemployed
March, 19943,168 unemployed
February, 19943,496 unemployed
January, 19942,846 unemployed
Annual Average, 19933,103 unemployed
December, 19932,324 unemployed
November, 19932,606 unemployed
October, 19932,651 unemployed
September, 19932,713 unemployed
August, 19932,900 unemployed
July, 19933,203 unemployed
June, 19933,404 unemployed
May, 19933,568 unemployed
April, 19933,291 unemployed
March, 19933,449 unemployed
February, 19933,575 unemployed
January, 19933,552 unemployed
Annual Average, 19923,633 unemployed
December, 19923,022 unemployed
November, 19923,293 unemployed
October, 19923,368 unemployed
September, 19923,850 unemployed
August, 19923,496 unemployed
July, 19924,097 unemployed
June, 19924,141 unemployed
May, 19924,004 unemployed
April, 19923,802 unemployed
March, 19923,373 unemployed
February, 19923,594 unemployed
January, 19923,554 unemployed
Annual Average, 19913,258 unemployed
December, 19912,941 unemployed
November, 19912,968 unemployed
October, 19912,740 unemployed
September, 19912,833 unemployed
August, 19912,862 unemployed
July, 19913,488 unemployed
June, 19913,810 unemployed
May, 19913,713 unemployed
April, 19913,561 unemployed
March, 19913,581 unemployed
February, 19913,492 unemployed
January, 19913,103 unemployed
Annual Average, 19902,805 unemployed
December, 19902,912 unemployed
November, 19902,808 unemployed
October, 19902,888 unemployed
September, 19902,887 unemployed
August, 19902,658 unemployed
July, 19903,015 unemployed
June, 19902,879 unemployed
May, 19902,887 unemployed
April, 19902,829 unemployed
March, 19902,584 unemployed
February, 19902,749 unemployed
January, 19902,562 unemployed

Reading City, PA Unemployment Graph

This graph plots unemployment numbers for Reading City, PA over the last 25 years, not adjusted for seasonal shifts in unemployment. For other other unemployment data visualizations, view more unemployment graphs for Reading City, PA.

Detailed Unemployment infomation is available for other counties:

Historical unemployment data is available back to 1990 for other cities and towns above 25,000 population in Pennsylvania. Choose a location from the table below for detailed local unemployment statistics.

Abington Township (Montgomery County), PAAdams County, PAAllegheny County, PAAllentown City, PA
Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ Metropolitan Statistical AreaAllentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ Metropolitan Statistical Area, PA PartAltoona City, PAAltoona, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area
Armstrong County, PABeaver County, PABedford County, PABensalem Township, PA
Berks County, PABethel Park Municipality, PABethlehem City, Lehigh County Part, PABethlehem City, Northampton County Part, PA
Bethlehem City, PABlair County, PABloomsburg-Berwick, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaBradford County, PA
Bradford, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaBristol Township, PABucks County, PAButler County, PA
Cambria County, PACameron County, PACarbon County, PACentre County, PA
Chambersburg, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaCheltenham Township, PAChester City, PAChester County, PA
Clarion County, PAClarion-Forest, PA LMAClearfield County, PAClinton County, PA
Columbia County, PACranberry Township (Butler County), PACrawford County, PACumberland County, PA
Dauphin County, PADelaware County, PADuBois, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaEast Stroudsburg, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area
Easton City, PAElk County, PAErie City, PAErie County, PA
Erie, PA Metropolitan Statistical AreaExeter Township (Berks County), PAFalls Township (Bucks County), PAFayette County, PA
Forest County, PAFranklin County, PAFulton County, PAGettysburg, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area
Greene County, PAHampden Township, PAHarrisburg City, PAHarrisburg-Carlisle, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area
Harrisburg-Carlisle-Lebanon, PA Combined Statistical AreaHaverford Township, PAHazleton City, PAHempfield Township (Westmoreland County), PA
Horsham Township, PAHuntingdon County, PAHuntingdon, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaIndiana County, PA
Indiana, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaJefferson County, PAJohnstown City, PAJohnstown, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area
Juniata County, PALackawanna County, PALancaster City, PALancaster County, PA
Lancaster, PA Metropolitan Statistical AreaLawrence County, PALebanon City, PALebanon County, PA
Lebanon, PA Metropolitan Statistical AreaLehigh County, PALewisburg, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaLewistown, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area
Lock Haven, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaLower Macungie Township, PALower Makefield Township, PALower Merion Township, PA
Lower Paxton Township, PALower Providence Township, PALuzerne County, PALycoming County, PA
Manheim Township (Lancaster County), PAMcCandless Township, PAMcKean County, PAMcKeesport City, PA
Meadville, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaMercer County, PAMiddletown Township (Bucks County), PAMifflin County, PA
Millcreek Township (Erie County), PAMonroe County, PAMonroeville Municipality, PAMontgomery County, PA
Montour County, PAMount Lebanon Township, PANew Castle City, PANew Castle, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area
Norristown Borough, PANorth Huntingdon Township, PANorthampton County, PANorthampton Township (Bucks County), PA
Northumberland County, PAOil City, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaPenn Hills Township, PAPerry County, PA
Philadelphia County/city, PAPhiladelphia, PA Metropolitan DivisionPhiladelphia-Camden-Vineland, PA-NJ-DE-MD Combined Statistical AreaPhiladelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD Metropolitan Statistical Area
Pike County, PAPittsburgh City, PAPittsburgh, PA Metropolitan Statistical AreaPittsburgh-New Castle, PA Combined Statistical Area
Plum Borough, PAPotter County, PAPottsville, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaRadnor Township, PA
Reading City, PAReading, PA Metropolitan Statistical AreaRidley Township, PARoss Township (Allegheny County), PA
Sayre, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaSchuylkill County, PAScranton City, PAScranton--Wilkes-Barre, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area
Selinsgrove, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaShaler Township, PASnyder County, PASomerset County, PA
Somerset, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaSpring Township (Berks County), PASt. Marys, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaState College Borough, PA
State College, PA Metropolitan Statistical AreaSullivan County, PASunbury, PA Micropolitan Statistical AreaSunbury-Lewisburg-Selinsgrove, PA Combined Statistical Area
Susquehanna County, PATioga County, PATredyffrin Township, PAUnion County, PA
Upper Darby Township, PAUpper Dublin Township, PAUpper Merion Township, PAUpper Moreland Township, PA
Venango County, PAWarminster Township, PAWarren County, PAWarren, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area
Washington County, PAWayne County, PAWest Mifflin Borough, PAWestmoreland County, PA
Whitehall Township, PAWilkes-Barre City, PAWilliamsport City, PAWilliamsport, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area
Williamsport-Lock Haven, PA Combined Statistical AreaWyoming County, PAYork City, PAYork County, PA
York Township, PAYork-Hanover, PA Metropolitan Statistical AreaYork-Hanover-Gettysburg, PA Combined Statistical Area

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